The Minister

The nominating Committee elected by the congregations of Ayr St Leonard’s and Dalrymple chose Rev Brian Robert Hendrie as their sole nominee. 

He conducted worship in both churches on Sunday 11th January, 2015 after which those on the Electoral Register voted enthusiastically to have Rev Brian Hendrie become their new minister.

Brian is married to Yvonne and they have one daughter Chloe.

Brian has placed great emphasis on his pastoral work in all his congregations with particular emphasis on children and young people.  In the course of his ministry he has carefully embarked on many innovative ideas in outreach to the communities in which he worked.

Brian has been a very popular, well loved and respected minister in all his charges and your Nominating Committee believe that he is without doubt the man who, with the help and guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, can lead the congregations at Ayr St Leonards and Dalrymple into the future that God intends for them.



Prayer Corner 



Loving God, strengthen our innermost being with your love that bears all things even the weight of this global pandemic even the long haul of watching for symptoms of patiently waiting for this to pass, watching and waiting and keeping our gaze fixed on you, and looking out for our neighbours near and far.











Loving Lord once again we come to you,

with grateful thanks for all you mean to us.

We ask in pray for your continuing forgiveness and love.

Lord forgive us for our wrong thoughts and deeds.

Help us to be more loving and kind to each other.

Help us to do the things you would have us do.

May we always look to you

for guidance and show us the way.

In Jesus name and for his sake.



"The power of prayer is a mystery, but we know that God hears us and acts according to his wisdom".



Spirit of God, breathe new life into the Church;
breathe holiness and deepening faith. Forgive our self-centredness and make us more receptive to your gentleness and power.
Spirit of God, breathe new life into the universe; breathe responsible caring, good stewardship, peace and reconciliation.
Spirit of God, breathe new life into those who suffer; breathe wholeness, forgiveness and new confidenceBreathe peace of mind and a true knowledge of your love.
Spirit of God, breathe new life into us now as we thank you afresh that Jesus sacrificed everything out of love for us.
Guide us, Spirit of God, as we seek to walk in your ways.












St Leonard's Parish Church St Leonard's Road,
Ayr KA7 2PR
Church Regd. Charity No SCO16860