The Guild                      


(whose we are and whom we serve)

We have a very healthy and friendly Guild at St Leonard's but we are always pleased to welcome new members or visitors.

The planning group puts together an interesting syllabus for the coming sessions. Meetings usually run fortnightly at 7.30 pm. Over the previous seasons we have many varied and challenging meetings which gave us a clear understanding of the work being done in Christ's name both at home and overseas. 

 The Guild is currently working on something new like a friendship group as sadly due to the pandemic and restrictions this year, we have seen decreasing numbers. Guest speakers are in short supply, so nothing definite has been put in place yet but hoping to resume our meetings later in 2021.





Contact Person : Linda Wilson
Treasurer :   Ann Mclntyre.
Planning Group : A. Adamson    A. McIntyre
  M. McGregor      M. Neill
  L. Wilson            F. Wilson
  A. Paterson        J. Gillan
Tea Convenor: A. Sands



Meetings 7.30pm


09th Jan Whiteleys Retreat  
23rd Jan Cambodia G. Ward
06th Feb Life in Wesley Owen's Janet Gillan
20th Feb Project - Free to Live Trust Seema's Project
05th Mar Ayrshire Ukelele Clan Band  



15th Aug Leadership Team - Auld Kirk Halls, 7pm
03rd October Autumn Rally - Annbank Church, 7pm
09th October Resource Co-ord. Meeting - Auld Kirk Halls, 1.30pm
23rd October Project Partner Meeting - Auld Kirk Halls, 1.30pm
24th October Leadership Team Meeting - Auld Kirk Halls - 7.30pm
16th January Leadership Team Meeting - Auld Kirk Halls, 7pm
12th February Project Partner Meeting - Auld Kirk Halls, 1.30pm
21st March Resource Co-ord. Meeting - Auld Kirk Halls
10am - 1pm
25th March Spring Rally - -Troon Parish Church, 2pm
26th March Leadership Team Meeting - Auld Kirk Halls, 7pm
14th May Annual Business Meeting -  Auld Kirk Halls, 7pm
Ayr Presbyterial Moderator



Notice of our fortnightly meetings always appear on the order of service leaflet


Spring Rally



St Leonard's Parish Church St Leonard's Road,
Ayr KA7 2PR
Church Regd. Charity No SCO16860